DERANGED Adam Schiff Demands Cognitive Tests From Trump & Biden Because Trump Has ‘Serious Illness’



Schiff calling someone a liar and immoral is nuts.

How about Adam taking a polygraph test if Trump and Biden take a Cognitive test.


  1. I demand cognitive tests for all of the current government especially from all Demonrats and RINOs…..ewspecially you Schffty.

  2. Adam shifty Schiff is the one along with everyone of the Democrats that need to take a cognitive test . Shifty Schiff lies Everytime he opens his mouth. He is not a good person very evil. Imprison this piece of work. He should be under the prison face down. He needs to take a look in the mirror before he he says anything . This is what they call the pot calling the kittles black.

  3. Cognitive tests for all government officials that runs the depts, governors, mayors, senators, house of representatives, all congressmen elected for office in Washington DC, Head of all Departments in Washington DC. Supreme Court Judges, Judges and President and Vice President of the USA. Adding 2 4-Year Term Limits for elected officials of any Office Held in Gov. and age limit of Retirement of Office Elected

  4. This is funny, so classic Marxist Democrat gameplay, and sheer hypocrisy.

    Schiff is the biggest scumbag on earth, no competition from even both Clintons.

  5. Trump has been there and done that twice, where was Adam Melon head pencil neck Schiff when Trump aced the cognitive tests twice?
    Most likely he was thinking up his next lie!

  6. You can always tell when Shifty Shaft Neck is lying when his eyes pop out. Don’t trust old shifty shipwreck! He never tells the truth. Never. He’s ONE OF THEM! Go TRUMP, YOU GOT THIS! Make America Great Again! These ASS CLOWNS have brought this country down to a level not seen before and we can’t sit back and let it get worse.

  7. Let’s start with Adam Schiff taking a lie detector test. We all know he’s a weasel and a compulsive liar. Let’s let science prove it once and for all.

    • We need not waste time on a lie detector test. Anyone that has followed what this pervert has said knows he is a liar. It simply cannot be mistaken for anything else.

  8. So, if mushbrain and Trump both take cognitive tests and mushbrain fails his, what will be the excuse? He “had a cold?”?

  9. If anyone needs a test it is this Joker. His lips catch fire because of the lies and vitrail that comes from those lips. He has a second job in law because he sure knows how to manufacture evidence. This guy is just a plain crook of a politician and currently what is wrong with our system. Dirty as the day is long this POS needs to get defeated this fall.

  10. There’s no need for all dems to take a test. You can see they are ok by all the low down, mean, illegal, and unconstitutional things they do. It takes somewhat of a functioning brain to be so evil.


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